Singularity of purpose

Of the hundreds and thousands of motives behind the vast array of Christian churches throughout the world, to the quite literal billion different reasons for salvation, this paper puts forward the idea of there being one singularity of purpose behind Christianity itself, and that is namely the glorification of Jesus. From His first introduction as Savior in Genesis 3, to the last verse of Revelation, the overriding goal and purpose of this Christian mission can be seen to be the recognition and revelation of Jesus as the sole Savior and purpose of all creation.
Along these lines, one of the most beautiful outpourings of the Christian religion is it’s vast diversity that can be witnessed throughout the modern world and even through time itself. And even though Christians themselves, through a cruel twist of irony, have been driven to murderous rage and hatred of each other and others over how exactly to advance this message of love and redemption, progressive revelation has recently allowed a much more peaceful and accepting Christian world in modern times that embraces so many diverse effusions of worship, from Christian Rock concerts and dancing in the pews, all the way to a vast array of choices in readings of the Christian scriptures themselves.
And indeed, if 2 Peter 3:9 is any indication of the nature of God..”..not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”  it would only makes sense that if Christianity is indeed the one true “religion”, it should thus appeal and relate to every man, woman and child that God Himself has created. Even the word religion is put forward here in quotation marks for it is the claim of this writing that Christianity is not really that at all, but in truth is so much more that can only be experienced through the actual relationship that Jesus desires with all people everywhere.
It is here then that we see the common mistake of not only XCF, but that hundreds of other churches have made throughout time, and that is namely the misplaced and/or forgotten Lordship of the true leader of the church, Jesus the Christ. And even though this claim on the face of it would seem dogmatic and extreme in it’s limitations, it is witnessed, as stated before, to be almost as vast and encompassing as the number of those individuals who do indeed know Jesus living inside of them.
Why is this? What causes this common and almost unavoidable oversight of so many Christian institutions? Well, perhaps in a perfect world God would operate through rainbows and butterflies, but of course we live in a fallen world if the bible has anything to say about that. And in this fallen world the bible also put’s forward the idea of a domineering power that is indeed the enemy of God, the devil. As C.S. Lewis so eloquently stated, the very first sin we see committed is the sin of pride, and it is the devils specialty when bringing down any created thing, and most certainly when attacking the church.
The inception of so many Christian movements has been the new found freedom and joy of the discovery of God’s grace that so often has led to the conversion of hundreds, thousands, and even millions of lost souls. But unfortunately, as with so many things, human pride finds a foothold, and the idea of letting some mysterious and powerful God continue to speak His will into existence without first consulting the leaders of these new groups can begin to chafe at their new found identity as His representatives and their personal desires for security and control. Thus, people may begin to enact their own set of rules and regulations that can indeed replace those old expectations that were seen to fundamentally oppose grace and salvation. Why does XCF need to individually monitor it’s ministry house members? Why does it need ministry houses at all? Why does the leadership need some kind of corporate accounting of all the sins of the congregation as well as the rejection of personal privacy? Hundreds of other churches, some located right in Columbus, Ohio itself, operate just as well as XCF, and have even outgrown XCF’s membership without all the drama and scandal of cult accusations and continual complaints of spiritual abuse. These, and many other questions are what XCF should be asking itself, but more importantly, they should be asking the true leader of any and every Christian alive, Jesus the Lord.

The Cast Away Clause