Hospital or Health Club?

One could compare churches to many things, but a simple and common analogy presented here is the idea of comparing a church to a hospital, and in this case it will be contrasted with a health club.  The bible puts forward the idea that the basic fundamental problem with all humans is that they are all sick to their souls, and even unto death. Our sinful and fallen state has not only condemned us to a pitiful and short existence in this  physical realm, but has also damed us to an eternal separation of all that is good, namely God, the creator of all good things. Simply put, the church then becomes the hospital by which sinners will find healing from what ails them. Indeed some may wonder why the church often represents the worst kind of problems seen in society when all the while forgetting that a hospital is a place full of sick people.
Most, if not all, go to the hospital when their sickness has reached a critical point in their lives when they can no longer function, much less stay alive. Usually, after an extended stay, patients will have to follow up with regular visits to their doctor or health clinic or what ever serves the purpose of maintaining their good health. And much like the hospital serves the function of healing for physical ailments, the church then serves the function of healing for spiritual and often emotional  hurts and pains. The idea to keep in mind is that as much as the hospital wants to, is willing to, and can provide life giving care, the ultimate goal is to discharge the patient and return them to a happier, more productive, and healthier life, as well as maintaining that goal through future visits and check ups. And in the same way the purpose of the church is to not only bring salvation to a sick and lost world, but also maintain a healthy and happy congregation that serves as a beacon of light, hope, and love to this lost world as well.
Now, compare and contrast this idea with the motives and goals of a health club. Without getting too carried away, some of the basic points would be that where as a hospital’s goal is to save lives and maintain healthy living, a health club simply wants to make a profit through the appearance of healthy living. A hospital’s goal is to heal and discharge it’s patients. A health club’s goal is to give the appearance of good health but always keep the customer coming back for more. A hospital is charged with dealing honestly about the true condition of the sickness and thus attempting to bring about real healing. A health club’s concern is only with the superficial appearance of good health, can not possibly deal with actual sickness, and only wants customers who will keep returning to again increase their profits.
As innocent or perhaps innocuous as this metaphor seems, it has become unavoidable as to which category Xenos Christian Fellowship falls into, and especially in light of the numerous claims of emotional and spiritual carnage that so many have placed solely upon the practices they have witnessed or been exposed to there. It is this very warning that motivates sites such as where one of their main headings is simply “Xenos Destroys Mental Health”. Unfortunately it its unavoidable that like the health club metaphor, XCF seems far more concerned with promoting their own brand of spirituality while keeping it’s members convinced of their addictive need for constant validation of approval through endless meetings and human accountability while always operating under the threat of avoidance, shunning, and expulsion that leads to crippling feelings of rejection, loneliness, and despair. And unlike the hospital side of the comparison, the true spiritual health and vitality of it’s members seem to be of little to no consequence if, once again, there is even a fraction of truth to all of these claims of spiritual and emotional abuse that one cannot avoid when investigating what XCF is all about.