Leaving Xenos and finding Freedom!

As cliche as it sounds, if you are considering leaving Xenos Christian Fellowship, you are not alone. There are hundreds, if not thousands of people who have become disenchanted with  XCF and have left. Many, if not most of them have gone on to live much more happy and fulfilling Christian lives. Depending on where you are in the continuum of your involvement, this undertaking may be extremely hard. Probably the most helpful aspect of this decision will be to find other ex-xenoids who have moved on to a healthier Christian environment and can offer you support and encouragement through the rough times ahead. Chances are you may already know some of them, either because there are so many around, or you’ve watched them personally leave XCF under whatever negative circumstances that most do, and as much as XCF has convinced you that other surrounding churches are next to useless, there really are very good resources in many surrounding churches and Christian institutions.
This can not be over emphasized, the most important truth to hold on to through this process, (and any other for that matter) is Jesus IS REAL. He is a real person, a real Saviour, and above all, a real Friend. You will need to know this since more than likely, if you leave XCF, all the people in XCF you thought were your friends will abandon you. You probably already know this, and may have even done so to others yourself. Unfortunately, you may be surprised as to how quickly and completely you can be shut out from this life. If you are employed by XCF, this alteration will have an even greater impact upon you as you will more than likely have to find new employment elsewhere. Please, be prepared! A time of loneliness, depression, and anxiety will come upon you. Hundreds of other victims have attested to this. And unfortunately, XCF loves to play the devils advocate by joining him as the accuser of the brethren. You will be labeled, almost immediately, and it will be vicious.
Now is the time for prayer, the time to begin to know and understand that Jesus really is there with you and for you, and all those wonderful things He said in the gospels will come alive, even if it is often painful (take up His cross daily, if they hated Him they will hate you, etc.), but it’s real. Your Christian life will no longer be dominated by a system of works, by meetings and the condition of those who attend. How many new? How many returning? Who is OTL (out to lunch, xenos old speak)?, Which disciple is the star? The next leader? and on, and on, and on..
Jesus said you will know the truth and that will set you free. Paul talked about how we have been set free through Christ in his letter to the Galatians, and not to be enslaved again to some form of works that you probably already are in XCF. It is a scary but exhilarating thing! To know, and live, the freedom and Love of Jesus. To return to that first joy you found at salvation. To no longer be enslaved to meetings and numbers and leaders and elders. To throw off the shackles of XCF and just be saved!
At first you will feel lost and disoriented, but take heart, Jesus will overcome (John 16:33). As time goes by you will begin to see that XCF is NOT the whole world, and is really just a very, very tiny blip on the radar of God’s huge plan in this world. There are over a billion Christians out there! And Columbus Ohio is filled with some of the best ones in the world! Go find them. Go find freedom. Go find Truth!



*A note from the author

I started this site back in 2016 when my oldest daughter decided to move to Columbus, Ohio and upon meeting some of our old friends from our Xenos days, was exposed (and obviously invited) to the XCF brand of Christianity while trying to figure out her particular approach to church life. At first she was drawn to the (seemingly) loving, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere that XCF is famous for, and my wife and I literally prayed to God that she would not be drawn into this trap. Thankfully, and with the help of sites such as Columbus reddit and our own experiences, it didn’t take her long to see through the superficial facade that those in XCF presented and into what she and many other critics describe as the “creepy” underbelly of Xenos Christian Fellowship. It was because of this experience as well as a concern for other parents that I posted this site and used Columbus reddit to direct people here. Many of the readers of this site probably know that I was once a leader in XCF for many years, and often found myself privy to many of the political undertakings that go on in the upper levels of XCF as well. The point then of this site is to try and answer the question of the title, “Is Xenos Christian Fellowship a cult?" from which I try to allow the reader to conclude for themselves.

As far as who I am, I have done my best to remain as anonymous as possible for 2 main reasons.

1) Character assassination.

Not too long after I started this site, another one popped up as if to answer the question that this one poses, and that answer is xenosisacult.com. I first heard of this site when my daughter told me of it and was concerned that it was somehow confused with mine. What she had heard was that some rather disgruntled and unstable individual was posting leaflets around the OSU campus promoting this site and also making death threats to people in Xenos. Upon further investigation of this site and some of the subsequent materials related to it, specifically an interview with the author, Mark Kennedy, on youtube, where he is clearly a well spoken, smart, and quite stable individual, I found myself vindicated by my choice to remain anonymous.

Unfortunately,  I personally discovered many years ago, as well as having witnessed multiple times with others, the XCF way of dealing with critics and others who may not see eye to eye with them, and that is simply discredit them. And as I have mentioned time and again throughout this site, it is never pretty. And again, anyone (which would be most people, including myself) who has left XCF under less than ideal circumstances has discovered, XCF will stoop to just about any depth imaginable to sling their particular brand of mud (or other excrement) at them, and in the case of Mark Kennedy to actually portray him as a deranged and violent criminal.

A more objective display of this behavior is their treatment of Danae King, a reporter with the Columbus Dispatch. When the Dispatch ran a positive article by King about Xenos they were more than happy to direct people to it on their web site (https://www.dispatch.com/news/20180401/traditional-easter-service-provides-message-of-hope-xenos-leaders-say). Yet seven months later when King wrote a more critical piece about Xenos, they suddenly called into question her Journalistic integrity, accusing her of being one sided and not doing serious data collection. (See “A response to the Dispatch article” here…http://xenoscult.simplesite.com/441954119)

One would think that for an organization that puts so much emphasis on doctrinal truth and integrity they would be above this. However, it speaks to one more piece of evidence of cultic behavior that they continuously (and childishly) feel the need to attack any and all who oppose them with such vicious and unChrist like aggression. This leads to the second reason:

2) It speaks for itself.

This site originally started out as a letter to the elders of XCF about my daughters experiences and perception of XCF, and namely that in the 20 years since I had left Xenos, not only had they not improved their behaviors, but had gotten considerably worse. By the end of the letter I realized that like so many letters and  pleas from so many different people before this one which sought to try and fix the problems within XCF, they simply don’t want to see the problems, or the just downright cult status, that they have become.

So instead of putting a name or personality out there that they can and will so easily slander and assassinate, they can freely attack this site instead. Prove it wrong! Gladly, prove it wrong! Feel free to show anybody and everybody how XCF is nothing like what this site describes, because then and only then will Xenos Christian Fellowship grow up and begin to act like a true Christian church that views all people as worthy of the blood of Christ. That what Jesus really said was love your enemies, NOT make more.